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NYE Private Cruise

Vessel- CRUISER 7

Price -From $599 p/hr

Capacity- 22


Our 20 Seater Catamaran has a range of features ensuring your experience out on the water is done in comfort and style: It can seat 20 people comfortably

  • stability and comfort

  • indoor covered cabin with cushioned seating

  • enjoy a meal seated with comfort, protection & stability

  • seating at the back of the catamaran covered

  • sailing and/or motoring

  • BBQ on board

  • 360 degree panoramic views

  • great sound system - bring your ipod or cd's

  • back deck lit at night

  • nets at the front - enjoy the spray from the sea when under sail

  • we can cruise very close to shore and into beautiful bays and anchor

  • swimming

  • push button toilet

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